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By 2035, our vehicle sales will be 100% all-electric and our aim is for our entire operation to be carbon neutral across Europe.
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Hybrid and Electric Options Explained


Mild Hybrid (MHEV)

A mild hybrid electric vehicle (MHEV) uses a battery-powered electric motor in support of a conventional petrol or diesel engine to improve efficiency and reduce emissions. Mild hybrids use regenerative braking to charge the battery while driving. They don't charge from an external power source and are not capable of electric-only driving.

Self-Charging Hybrid

Self-charging hybrids, sometimes called Full Hybrid Electric Vehicles (FHEV), are often known simply as: hybrids. They combine a hybrid battery with a conventional combustion engine to boost power and improve efficiency. The battery charges as you drive using regenerative breaking. Self-charging hybrid vehicles have less all-electric range than plug-in hybrids, but are still capable of driving short distances on electric-only power at lower speeds. Ideal for shorter trips about town.

Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV)

As with all hybrids, a PHEV combines a conventional engine with a battery-powered electric motor, to increase efficiency and reduce emissions. PHEVs are capable of short electric-only journeys. For example, the Kuga PHEV has an electric-only range of up to 28 – 39 miles. That means fuel savings and lower emissions compared to other hybrid or conventional engine vehicles. A Ford PHEV is usually best charged at home using a wallbox, or from a standard plug socket using the cable provided. They can also be charged at some public charge points.


An all-electric vehicle, also known as an EV, runs on 100% battery power and charges from an electric charging point. That means zero fuel, zero emissions driving and range up to 280 – 379 mile. On the road, you'll experience instant torque, smooth, step-free acceleration, and quiet running. And with government incentives, reduced road tax, and lower servicing costs, choosing an electric car could be good for your wallet as well as the environment.




From renewable powered manufacture to closed-loop battery recycling, we’re on the road to net zero by 2035. By going electric, you’re not just reducing emissions, you’re investing in a more sustainable vehicle. We’re working to make the transition to electric easy, with convenient charging and longer range. Rapid advances in battery technology mean today’s electric vehicles charge faster and take you further. No more trips to the pump, zero emissions when driving, reduced maintenance costs, as well as tax breaks and low emission zone benefits. There are plenty of reasons to go electric. Are you ready to make the switch?

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